"Earn Your Stripes" with Ian for Congress!

Hello Friends,

I've been working hard to build a strong campaign for Maryland's 2nd Congressional district.

In the past month I've helped clean streams in Dundalk, traveled to the national Green Party convention in Saint Paul, MN, spoken publicly at Baltimore rallies calling for global justice in the Middle East and Ferguson, Missouri, set up radio interviews, and much more. The machinery behind this campaign is running strong.

But I know it's also important for a campaign to look good. That's why we're putting a coat of paint - literally - on our campaign operation.

Make a contribution of $50 or more and get something really cool! Read on to find out what...

This week we are painting our office and I want to give you the opportunity to show your long-lasting support for this campaign. To further show my support for the brightness that diversity brings to all movements, we are turning one wall of my campaign office into a rainbow of recognition. You can literally add your name to this show of support for diversity.

The first 8 supporters who donate $50 or more to the campaign can claim a stripe on our rainbow wall.

Your name will be painted onto our office wall as a sign of your support. We will post a photo of your name on our wall, and you can stop by and see it whenever you're in town.

Donate $50 or more now to be recognized on the wall of my campaign office.

I need your financial support to keep this campaign running on all cylinders. I want to see your pride in being a supporter - I want to see your name on my wall! Please contribute today!

Thank you,
Ian Schlakman


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Iraq, Ferguson Are Two Sides of the Same Coin: Shoot First, Ask Questions Maybe

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for U.S House of Representatives for Maryland's 2nd District - calls on Congress to change course on the escalating violence in Iraq and Ferguson, Missouri.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, President Obama affirmed that the United States will continue airstrikes in Iraq. "In June, I asked Congress to assert itself and take back the 'blank check' that it wrote to the executive branch to wage war," Schlakman noted. "Instead, Congress went on summer recess and left President Obama to escalate airstrikes. This spring, I said that Congress and the President ignore reality when they think they can impose our will on a foreign nation from the sky. Now it is almost fall and we are still shooting first."

"The President expressed his hope that building partnerships in Iraq will prevent 'mission creep' for American forces, but he has been vacationing and doesn't seem to be building the necessary coalition. Congress needs to step in and reassert its Constitutional authority to wage war only as a last resort. The President is using airstrikes as a knee-jerk reaction."

President Obama also discussed the ongoing violence in Ferguson, Missouri during Monday's press conference. Schlakman says that both situations exemplify the current American governing philosophy: shoot first, ask questions maybe.

"If it weren't for the outrageous response from the Ferguson police force and continued actions in the streets of Ferguson and in social media, Michael Brown's killing would have been just another un-investigated or under-investigated shooting of a young black man by police."

"In Iraq and Ferguson, the default position has been to shoot first and investigate options for peaceful resolution only when public backlash is great enough to register in public opinion polls. So far, violence has not given way to peaceful solutions in either situation."

"It is not surprising," Schlakman noted, "that there is a direct link between our philosophy for controlling the Middle East and for controlling communities of color in America. The overly militarized police forces in many American cities are using surplus military equipment given to them through a federal program approved by Congress in 1994. Last week I pledged to introduce legislation to end this program if elected to Congress. I am happy that a few members of Congress have pledged to introduce similar legislation in September, but I have no expectation it will pass. The Congressional and Presidential impulses to shoot first and ask questions - maybe - is too strong." 
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Congress Must Stop Militarizing Local Police Forces

"Shutting down public protests of escalating police violence with armored vehicles intended for the battlefield is turning our cities into war zones."

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for United States House of Representatives in Maryland's 2nd District - calls on Congress to end the practice of giving surplus military equipment to local authorities for arming small-town police forces.

"We should not be militarizing our police forces. In Congress, I would introduce legislation to end this practice. Events currently unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri show exactly what happens when small-town police use the military-grade equipment they are given by the federal government. Congress started this program and it needs to end it."

In Ferguson, several days of public protests over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager have escalated into a police siege including military-style equipment and weaponry.

"Local police forces are being equipped beyond what is necessary to maintain order in small, typically peaceful communities," said Schlakman, referencing a recent New York Times investigation that notes that local officials make requests for surplus military equipment based on 'worst-case scenarios' but actually use it in day-to-day operations such as raids on unlicensed retail shops.

"Shutting down public protests of escalating police violence with armored vehicles intended for the battlefield is turning our cities into war zones. In Congress, I will work to put a stop to this increasing militarization." 

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Congress Must Assert Itself to Stop New U.S. Offensive in Iraq

Green Party Congressional candidate Ian Schlakman calls on members of Congress - particularly his general election opponent Representative "Dutch" Ruppersberger - to assert their authority over President Obama's continued aggression in Iraq.

U.S. officials confirmed Friday morning that the United States has deployed armed drones over Baghdad.

"Americans don't want drones flying over our cities and we don't want them bombing Iraq," said Schlakman. "Congress and the President ignore reality when they insist that we can impose our will on foreign countries from the sky."

Schlakman is running for Maryland's 2nd District House seat against Ruppersberger, a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. The Schlakman campaign argues that Ruppersberger has been ineffective in his responsibilities to provide oversight on behalf of the American people as the NSA developed a lengthy domestic surveillance program. Continued unilateral U.S. involvement in Iraq will also be ineffective, the campaign states.

"The group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will not be stopped by drones and will only be enraged by our continued occupation of Iraq. How many of our hundreds of American 'advisers' will have to be killed by ISIS's rockets, roadside bombs, or suicide attacks before we have to send in thousands more ground troops to protect them? Unless we take a stand against it now, the cycle of American intervention and blowback will continue."

"Unfortunately, Congress has proven its unwillingness to stand up for itself and for the American people since the George W. Bush administration."

The Green Party of the United States has called for Congress to repeal the Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) and the "bipartisan 'blank check' for the White House to wage war." 

The Maryland Green Party has nominated Ian Schlakman as its candidate for the 2nd District. Schlakman will accept the nomination and formally announce his campaign on Monday, June 30th. 

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On Democratic Primary “I’m Reaching Across the Aisle”

Ian Schlakman on Democratic Primary “I’m Reaching Across the Aisle” 


My campaign is about values, vision and creating a new economy where all people are equally able to thrive.

To that end, I (a Green Party candidate) would like to “reach across the aisle” and highlight two Democratic candidates running in tomorrow's primary election.

In the race for Maryland Governor: Heather Mizeur

Many of my supporters and volunteers have also given support to Heather Mizeur in her Gubernatorial campaign. There are clear differences between her campaign and mine, however, she has managed to shake up the usual Democratic "boy's club". Heather Mizeur is reminding Democratic voters that Governor O’Mally doesn't simply get to name his successor and walk away. Her campaign is a reminder that Marylanders have a voice and that voters - not party elites - will decide who represents this great state next. Her campaign has been an inspiration for Marylanders, myself included. I wish her the best of luck in tomorrows primary. 

Today I am crossing the aisle and clearly saying my support for Heather Mizeur is not about party politics. It’s about values and vision. And even though we’re from two different parties, I look forward to working with and helping Governor Mizeur build a better Maryland.

Maryland House of Delegates 40th District: Marvin “Doc” Cheatham

I also wanted to take a moment and endorse Marvin "Doc" Cheatham for the Maryland House of Delegates (40th District). Doc has been a defender of labor, free elections and a civil rights icon for years. Most importantly he’s a dear friend and inspiration to many of my campaign supporters and volunteers. Again I'm reaching across the aisle by extending the olive branch and endorsing this exceptional community leader.

If you are a registered Democrat or Republican please vote tomorrow. These are the candidates and the races that stand out to me. Whatever decision you make at the ballot box, please vote for your values and vote for the candidate that most closely reflects your vision for a better future.

Finally, best of luck to my fellow candidates in the MD 2 Congressional race, David Banach and Paul Rundquist, who have their primary elections tomorrow.

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Last Chance to Help Us Open Our Campaign Office

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our effort to open a campaign headquarters. Today is the last day to help provide the financial support we need to take our campaign to the next level.

We need to raise $165 today to sign the paperwork for our new office on Monday.

Please make a contribution now to help us take this huge step for our campaign!

We need space to put volunteers and staff to work on new projects.

We want to reach out to thousands of Marylanders by mail and phone over the next four months.

We want to collect thousands of signatures to keep the Green Party ballot-qualified.

We can do this if you help us get the space we need to expand our efforts.

Help us raise $165 today by making a contribution now! 



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Join Ian at Solidarity's "Revolutionary Medicine" Screening


Ian will be at Solidarity's monthly Socialist Social - Wednesday , June 18th at Lynn Flynn's Ale House in Station North. Solidarity will be screening Revolutionary Medicine - a film about alternative health care models and a community in Honduras building a hospital as a bastion of self-determination in an increasingly privatized world. 

Click here to RSVP for the event on Solidarity's Facebook page.

Come see Ian and enjoy a great event! 

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I want to invite you to the grand opening of my new campaign office...

But there's one small problem...we can't open it without your help.

We've found a great space for a campaign office in downtown Baltimore - one block from City Hall, close to local media outlets, and enough space to accommodate our current campaign team and let us bring more volunteers on board. 

We need to raise $295 $265 $215 this week to pay the first month's rent and open the office in time for our official campaign announcement. 

We have big plans for our campaign office - weekly volunteer meetings, phone banking to raise funds and awareness of the Ian Schlakman for Congress campaign, and space to help us train and support signature gatherers working to keep the Green Party on the ballot in Maryland.

Can you help us raise $295 $265 $215 this week to pay the first month's rent and get this space ready to use?

When you donate, we'll put you on the VIP list for the grand opening of our new downtown Baltimore office. We'll have food, drinks, and invite everyone to come check out our new headquarters and work space.


We need your contribution today. We need to raise $295 $265 $215 this week so we can sign the lease and open our office. 

Thank you for your support!

Ian Schlakman for Congress

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Don't Fight for Lower Student Debt Interest Rates - Forgive the Debts!

Ian Schlakman - Green Party candidate for United States House of Representatives in District 2 - responded to the failure of Senator Elizabeth Warren's plan for lower student loan interest rates by calling for forgiveness of all student loan debt and a program of free tuition for all qualified students at publicly-funded colleges and universities.

"Allowing some people to refinance the interest on their student debt is better than doing nothing, of course," said Schlakman, "but Republicans blocking this small measure should have been no surprise to Senate Democrats. Again, Democrats seem to be limited to half-measures and token gestures while the American people are demanding real solutions."

"Although Senator Warren is frequently referred to a progressive lawmaker, the progressive solution to the student debt crisis isn't lower interest rates for some, but debt forgiveness for all."

Schlakman notes a pattern of Republican opposition to Democratic legislation. "The pattern is disturbingly clear, but the most disturbing part is the Democrats' refusal to take bold action in the face of Republican opposition. On health care reform Democrats wouldn't even speak the name of "Medicare for All" for fear of Republicans. On the minimum wage, President Obama's $10.10 per hour plan truly is the bare minimum. A living wage proposal isn't even on the table. Now on student debt the best they can present is an interest rate adjustment for some individuals. When Democrats know that whatever they present is going to face opposition, why not take the fight to Republicans by offering the truly progressive solutions American are looking for?"

"Democratic timidness doesn't make Republicans want to work across the aisle. Presenting watered-down legislation in the hopes of winning conservative support only makes it easier for Republicans to win."

According to a recent analysis, the United States government could fund a universal tuition program for less than the current costs of subsidies to public colleges and universities.

"If American graduates are going to have the flexibility and creativity to research and solve our energy crisis, our food shortages, and other challenges that their generation will face," Schlakman says, "we must find a way to eliminate student debt."

"I am running to re-balance our economy so all Americans have a chance to succeed. To do this we need truly revolutionary ideas like a basic income guarantee, universal single-payer health care, and free college tuition and forgiveness of student debt." 
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Join Ian at Baltimore Pride!


Dear friends (particularly Maryland Green Party supporters),

Join Ian Schlakman for Congress as we collect ballot access petitions during Baltimore Pride! Greens from across the state are invited to join us as we mingle with thousands of Pride participants, distribute literature on Ian's support for LGBT rights, and collect signatures for the Green Party ballot access petition.

We will hosting a hospitality area with cold drinks, snacks, clipboards, pens, petitions, and everything else you might need. Just bring yourself and your friends!

The Baltimore Pride Parade and Block Party is scheduled for Saturday, June 14th, in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. Click here for more information.

The parade will kick off at 1pm. The block party will begin at 2pm at Mount Royal Station, near Penn Station Baltimore.

We will have coolers with drinks and snacks in an area convenient to Penn Station. Come meet us and get your petitions, pens, and clipboards. Come back whenever you need a break or more petitions.

For those coming from the DC area and other points south of Baltimore, you can now take the MARC train from Union Station, New Carrollton, Bowie State, Odenton, BWI, or Halethorpe.

Saturday trains arrive at Penn Station at 10am, 11am, and 1:30pm. Here's the schedule.

E-mail us at info@ian42.com or call 410-575-1764 to let us know you'll be joining us. Come help us keep the Green Party on the ballot and do important outreach during Baltimore Pride!  

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